Inspiring Retreats by the Stunning Devon Coast …

Deep Heart Retreats

These are a wonderful way to unwind and be nurtured in a very caring environment.

5 night Retreats with the option to stay 6 nights with Madeline Mayfield (previously Lynfield) founder of Heartspring

Prices start at £480 for the whole retreat depending on which room you have – see below.
Come and join the group on your own or with a friend and you will undoubtedly leave with wonderful new friends!

These spiritual Retreats give you the opportunity to escape to a beautiful peaceful* haven by the sea in Devon where you can gradually unwind and potentially find more of the following:

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.Next retreat with spaces: 5th to 10th March 2022
Only 3 rooms left!

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  • Find Unconditional Love within
  • Find deep inner peace and direction
  • Find your inner “home” and belonging
  • Become calm, unflustered and centred
  • Bring more compassion to yourself and others
  • Quieten a frantic overloaded mind
  • Find more personal and global healing
  • Find clarity and direction if you are at a crossroads
  • Learn easy non-religious eclectic* meditations (*from many different traditions)
  • Find Unconditional Love within
  • Find deep inner peace and direction
  • Find your inner “home” and belonging
  • Become calm, unflustered and centred
  • Find more personal and global healing
  • Quieten a frantic overloaded mind
  • Find clarity and direction if you are at a crossroads
  • Learn easy non-religious eclectic* meditations (*from many different traditions)

Within us all is an abundant caring compassionate presence, full of unconditional love and tenderness. Yet how does that equate with a world full of conflict, war, fear, terror, abuse and suffering.

We may all experience at times great suffering, lack of love, a spiritual emptiness within, conflict at home, work or with ourselves and see great abuse around us and in the newspapers and maybe to us personally.

So where is the Compassion? Where is the Peace? Where is the Love? Is anything really possible without being too ethereal? How do we find that unconditional love inside and outside of us?

These retreats offer an introduction to the path of the Deep Heart, to access that deep Love within ourselves, unravelling without judgement all that appears to get in the way, to give us an opportunity to open the doors to our own Heart Consciousness to help bring Unconditional Love to ourselves, others and the environment – bringing deep healing.

Our spiritual retreats are only very small groups (6 or less) and are a mixture of teaching simple “take-home” skills along with opportunities to practice simple supported meditations.

You will have your own room (unless you want to share with someone you’ve come with), delicious home cooked meals and lots of individual care and attention if needed.

All the food we serve is organic and homemade where possible and we use local produce, some of which we grow ourselves. We have a well renowned reputation for creating delicious plant based meals where our omnivorous guests don’t even miss meat or dairy! See our Reviews

Over the retreat there are a variety of daily group led exercises, teaching simple tools and one-to-one support sessions to bring deep relaxation, personal awareness and access to that peace within that we all crave amongst our busy lives.

There are organised activities during the day, yet still with plenty of space for time to yourself, to rest, or to explore the beautiful sea and coast here in Devon, or relaxation time with the other retreat guests. The retreat has plenty of activities, yet feels spacious, relaxed with no rushing or “have-to’s”.

Please note we do have neighbours and can not always guarantee a silent space, although generally it is very peaceful here.

See “Sample day on Retreat” to see what we do

(We remain neutral though and do not teach or focus on any particular religion or spiritual path).

Deep Heart Group Retreat Dates 2022:
All retreats start with dinner on the first day (6.30pm), although you can arrive earlier, and end in the afternoon on the last day. There is also an option to say one more night for a small supplement.

Deep Heart Retreat Dates 2022 Do also see the dates for our Dissolving Retreats (click here)  or  for our Unity Retreats (click here)
March 5th to 10th  2022 Plenty of Spaces
June 18th to 23rd  2022 Plenty of Spaces
5th to 10th November 2022 Plenty of Spaces

2022 Prices vary between £495 and £710 – depending on which room – see below.

This depends on which room/option you choose: - All prices are for the whole retreat, food and retreat programme. The "Sharing" price is if you bring a friend/partner.

Room Price by yourself Price if you share
Double En-suite   with sea views £710 £610
Twin or Double  with sea views (with its own nearby bathroom) £695 £595
Twin  with sea views (sharing a nearby bathroom with one other bedroom) £660 £575
Small Bunkbed Room (no sea views, near bathroom and front door) This room is only for 1. £575 -
Stay Offsite - there is a campsite nearby or other accommodation
£495 -

If you want to stay one more extra night, the cost is £60 if you have a room to yourself or £50 if you share with another. This price includes an evening meal and breakfast the following morning.

Please note the whole area is hilly and you need to be able to walk up and down slopes to get to the beaches and to take part in some of the activities.

Our Retreats are designed to complement and not replace any treatment/advice from your medical doctor or mental health advisor – always ask their advice first.
Our retreats are not designed as a “therapy” and no therapeutic advice is given – they are offered as a support in your spiritual journey.

Just send us an email or ring to check availability and then you can book over the phone to pay a deposit of £100 with the balance due 6 weeks before your stay. You will then receive full written confirmation of your booking by email or letter.

Please see our Full Retreat Terms and Conditions

These retreats, courses and one-to-one sessions are totally non-religious with no spiritual dogma or teachings and Heartspring is not aligned to any organisation.

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