Online Meditation Groups

Maddie runs a free weekly group on Zoom most Wednesdays at 7pm (UK time) for those new or experienced in meditation, as well as for those who have already been on a Heartspring Retreat. No experience necessary, to book your place just contact Maddie at
From November 21st 2021 there will also be an online group on Sundays as well.

These groups exist to support those who want to meditate with others, if they are new to meditation or to continue their own spiritual practices. These meditations are for accessing the Infinite Love Energy within for ourselves and to focus it to ourselves and to the world for healing and transformation.

It’s often easier and more powerful to follow these practices with others, whether in person or remotely via Zoom

For more information or to book your free place Contact Us.

These retreats, courses and one-to-one sessions are totally non-religious with no spiritual dogma or teachings and Heartspring is not aligned to any organisation.

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