Local Heartspring Meditation Groups

Maddie offers weekly evening Groups, for those living in or visiting South Devon.
Please note: these groups are not currently running due to Covid 19, but we hope to resume when possible.

From January 8th 2020 at Harbour House, Kingsbridge, most Wednesdays 7.30pm to 9.00pm. Cost by donation between £5 to £10

This is a drop-in weekly group with a variety of simple guided meditations and support, to help bring more Peace, Hope, Unity and Healing to our lives and the world.  We live in challenging times, personally and globally and now, more than ever, we need inner support and connection to an energy of Universal Love and Compassion to help ourselves and for those around us.

These groups are a way of exploring a variety of simple guided meditations, to help you find practical ways that can be integrated into everyday life.
Our groups are friendly and supportive with time for sharing and a cup of herbal tea after!
We keep a neutral focus without any particular spiritual or religious philosophy or teachings and are suitable for total beginners, along with those with more experience of meditation.
We explore easy accessible meditation techniques from several spiritual paths, such as breathwork, sound, music, gentle movement, visualisation etc. Each week is different, so you can find techniques that really suit you.

Maddie learnt to meditate over 43 years ago, has studied many forms of meditation and has been running her groups for over 18 years
To register your interest email us on maddie@heartspring.co.uk or ring 0777 2000 876 or keep an eye on our Meditation Facebook page

These retreats, courses and one-to-one sessions are totally non-religious with no spiritual dogma or teachings and Heartspring is not aligned to any organisation.

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