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Soul Presence Sessions with Maddie Lynfield

In person at our centre or by phone or Skype

One to One Confidential Support for Healing and connecting with Compassion and the Unconditional Love within.

Within us all is an abundant caring compassionate presence, full of Unconditional Love and tenderness, yet most people don’t seem to have much access to that energy. Life can be too busy, complex, overwhelming and challenging, or perhaps they never learnt how to.
So where is that love and support within, to help with difficulties or to connect well in life, or with others and loved ones?

Our Deep Heart Retreats teach practical skills and meditations to connect within, but I also offer individual one-to-one sessions in our Beautiful Rose Sanctuary building near Bigbury on Sea (or by phone or Skype), to help you listen to your heart, connect with your Soul (whatever that might mean for you), to aid deep relaxation, unravel confused thoughts and drop into the deep knowing peace, where transformation and healing can happen.

Soul Presence Sessions are a nourishing blend of Empathic Counselling, Profound Relaxation and Heart Focusing and each session is totally unique and usually lasts about an hour. It can be a mixture of verbally exploring what is currently happening for you, along with being supported to deeply listen to your heart, and being bathed in a warm delicious presence of meditative depth and healing. This can assist your own self-healing mechanisms, to connect you with more of your authentic full ‘being’ – and the unlimited heart healing energy that exists within every person, but which can often be hidden by layers of hurt, pain and constriction.

Maddie offers a safe and loving space where you are helped to unravel any difficult layers of tension, conflict or confusion, often bringing that special stillness, fullness, and deep peace within.

Often people also report feeling much softer, lighter and clearer with a deep beautiful stillness afterwards that can foster greater self-confidence and knowledge how to take steps forward.

Free initial chat (up to 30mins) and then Sessions cost £48 an hour (but rates can sometimes be flexible for arrangements of regular sessions or for those on very low incomes

Maddie has been offering these sessions for over 28 years – do see our Reviews for more information and ring 01548 811295 to chat about possible sessions and availability.

These retreats, courses and one-to-one sessions are totally non-religious with no spiritual dogma or teachings and Heartspring is not aligned to any organisation.

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