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Our nurturing Courses and Retreats are created by Maddie Mayfield (previously Lynfield) who ran Heartspring Retreats in West Wales, caring for guests for over 12 years. We then moved to the Cotswolds for 9 years and then South West Devon for 4 years and now back to Wales, but this time in the mountains!
So here we have some reviews from our various locations to give you an idea of the sort of service we offer.

Also do click here to see the many reviews we received on Trip Advisor when we were in the Cotswolds.

We have literally thousands of wonderful feedback comments. Far too many to put here, so here is a small selection:

I feel like a new person!

I don’t even know where to start but I want to start off by saying Maddie is an absolute gem! She was so helpful and thoughtful throughout my whole stay. I cannot thank her enough for helping me overcome some personal baggage and for being such a fabulous host! I could go on and on with this review but in a nutshell:
– location is excellent, very close to the beach and walking trails
– food was yummy and healthy, all homemade by Maddie. Her granola is amazing!
– accommodation is great, the beds are super comfy. I had a double en suite sea view and I fell asleep like a baby each night listening to the waves !
– retreat was incredible and given it was the first to run after being shut for Covid it was structured well e.g. minimal contact and mediation and excursions.

Like I said I could write for ages about this experience but if you are considering going I suggest you go for it! It’s a great place to be and to allow yourself to let go and recharge. I genuinely feel like a better, healthier and rejuvenated person after attending this retreat!

Thank you Maddie! 🙂

– SP London

My 5 days at Heartspring proved to be a seminal moment for me on many levels.   I booked to have some ‘down time’, but, I don’t really think I knew what form of deep work on “self” was in store.
I came with the intention of focusing on my career but my entire time was spent on working on ’self’.  At times uncomfortable, but, eventually it proved to be most empowering.  To this day, 4 months on, I know the benefits are still very evident and I thank Maddie and her expert ‘carrying’ of us 5 souls.
The group was an eclectic mix of fabulous souls and each one brought the discussions to a deeper level.  The sea and for myself, early morning solo swims were most needed and magical.
Thank you Maddie for your patience, clarity, and at times, focused guidance!

– EF Devon

Everything was amazing, the techniques used and learned, being in nature, having time to myself, the environment, accommodation, food … it all was perfect. I felt safe, nurtured and at peace and I feel like I understand myself better, all thanks to you Maddie. Youre such an inspiration, it’s wonderful what you’re doing here, It’s a very special place.

– AM London

I loved every minute of the retreat! The environment is beautiful and exceptionally clean. I felt very safe aand supported the moment I met Maddie. This is one of the best things I have every done. I loved the attention and care in every aspect.

– SE Berkshire

I enjoyed your group sessions – the peace and spirituality that you gave to us. Your creativeness and how well you tailored this retreat to meet the needs of us all. The setting is glorious and beautiful – inspiring. I enjoyed the fun and laughter and the quiet times.

– SF Leicestershire

I really enjoyed the whole experience. I felt very well looked after and the healing treatment I had was an amazing experience.

– MG Midlands

Thank you maddie for your time patience, knowledge and care I’ve experienced. Sad to leave but optimistic for the future. The food was really delicious and plentiful and I did NOT miss meat at all.

– LB Midlands

I enjoyed everything! I have had the most magical and healing time with you. I have felt nurtured and supported by you and all the wonderful energy. Thank you so very much.

– SL Norfolk

It was PERFECT! Fantastic location, friendly. Maddie, you were a fantastic tutor and the accommodation was beautiful.

– VS Leicester

It’s been wonderful, no miraculous is a better word.

– MG Holland

Thank you! The individual approach worked well for me – tailor-made uniquely and your genuine willingness to enable me to empower myself.

– MS

I absolutely love how it feels to enquire into my life challenges and options with Maddie. In her presence, I often experience myself as the really intelligent person I think I want to be and – when with her – I discover I already am. It feels great!!! She does something, IS something very wonderfully, invisibly empowering that leads me to see more than I hoped to be able to and could on my own. I hear myself clearly, write down what I discovered I need and how I’d like to take care of it and marvel: “how has Maddie midwifed it for me?”. When I get home (or off the phone) I feel very hopeful because MY solutions are most likely to work for my reality, my limits and dreams. It’s profound when your sessions are not about the expertise of the facilitator but all about what you need. Maddie is a gem!

– DG Somerset

Maddie’s healing sessions are exceptional and I have never failed to feel restored and rejuvenated.

– CB

Maddie is a sensitive, gentle, down to earth and a highly skilled facilitator and councillor.

– CW

By entering the place I could feel the healing atmosphere that accompanied me thoughout my stay here. Both atmosphere and the good healthy food made this a very relaxing and a truly helping stay. Thank you.

– RG Berkshire

Thank you for providing the space to allow me to find myself again.

– LC London

The whole experience was wonderful: The atmosphere, the warmth of the people, the energy, the welcoming feeling and the sense of home.

– AC London

Put simply: this is a place of REST – in all aspects. Thank you all.

– JW Surrey

The house emits a lovely sense of calm and peace. My stay has given me the chance to reflect and refresh for the new year ahead. Many thanks.

– JR Surrey

We had another wonderful week. Enjoyed everything: location, views, garden, clean fresh comfortable accommodation, the peace of the house and garden.

– MD West Midlands

Wonderful, everything I needed – and more! Going home relaxed and positive.

– MG Kent

A Lovely respite from a stressful time of my life. I’m returning relaxed, strengthened and nourished. Thanks.

– JD Lancashire

I can see just how much love and thought has gone into creating this special place.

– LR London

Thank you so much for the very safe haven.

– PG Scotland

A special place that has helped me to truly relax and come back to myself. Fresh air, great views, healings and peace have all helped me repair my zest for life. Thank you.

– SH Bristol

Exactly what I needed! A place to find myself again and let go of the stress of city life, all with excellent food! Thank you I am extremely relaxed.

– S. G. London

Thank you for giving me the experience of being enveloped in peace.

– E.F. Somerset

Thank you Maddie for creating a safe and healing space. It has been more than I expected and I feel nourished and nurtured with skills to help on the next stage of the journey that is Life!

– B. S. Devon

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